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Fatplastics still going strong on its home turf & now via mouse click even triumphing in away games...

The most expensive transfer in the history of record stores has collapsed! Fatplastics has stayed true to the club AC Vinyl. The lowdown: Thuringia's 2008 record store of the year was offered a transfer to MP3 United, which has been owned by sheik Abdul-Download-Al-Portal since the start of this season. His club offered fixtures and fittings of 125 Million Euros and a yearly salary of 15 Million Euros to Fatplastics!

But, instead of accepting the offer, Manager Rudi Veiter has told us: AC Vinyl with their striker Fatplastics will be going from strength to strength! Before the end of the current season online mail order will come to Jena upon Saale with an open-ended contract.

Fact: Vinyl never dies, and Fatplastics is pro-vinyl – without completely rejecting digital formats. There is a never-ending discussion surrounding the pros & cons of vinyl, cd, mp3 … For us being pro-vinyl is simply a statement that we see the record as a cultural asset as a direct part of our existential passion.

It's about that fulfilling feeling: you drop the needle to the record and it starts sizzling like ham in a pan. Then there’s the sound, the gracile charm of the needle driving trough the striation, the feel of it, the cover, the artwork, the run-out spiral on the inside of the record – basically the tactile piece of music in its most classy form. You can't throw a record away with just one click on your mouse. Whats more, it is often a form of invesment.

It's your decision, whether you want to pay two to three thousand Euros for the equipment and from then on 1,99 Euro per track or simply keep enjoying the vinyl.

We’ll keep going – by land, air or sea!


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